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I am a first generation Mexican-American and proud Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. My family immigrated from Mexico in search of the American dream.

After high-school I joined the U. S. Marine Corps and served honorably until I decided to establish my roots in Texas and attend college. I attended and graduated from the University of North Texas while also working full-time.

I am happily married to my wife Louise, who is an immigrant of Ghana. We have two lovely kids, Zyanya and Alexander.

I am a small-business owner and the co-founder of Marpe Global, a global non-profit organization that focuses on expanding economic opportunities, access to education, and environmental awareness in West Africa.


LGBT Equality

Equal rights for all! Oppose anti-LGBT legislation. We have seen a trend in anti-LGBT legislation in other state ... Texas will soon do the same.


Climate Change

Climate change is real and we must combat the effects of climate change by transitioning to a sustainable form of renewable energy.




Engage humanitarian resources to assist families who have been impacted by unjust deportations.


Border Security

Modernize border resources to ensure effective oversight that protects our border communities.


College Affordabi...

A college education must be accessible and affordable. Student loan interest rates should be drastically reduces and allow individuals to refinance at lower rates. Too many profits are being made from student loans.


Income & Wealth I...

I believe that anyone who is willing and able to work 40 hours per week, should be making a living wage and not live in poverty. I propose a living wage of $15 per hour.


Energy Independence

I support investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy and place Texas on a path to energy independence.


Support & Healthcare

As a proud veteran, I will continue to fight for veterans to have access to healthcare, educational benefits, and jobs. I want to restore funding to expand clinical services at VA Medical Centers. I support legislation to address the role of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).



We will not build a wall! Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Mr. Trump's proposal is idiotic, unreasonable, and the idea showcases the extreme views of a small minority.

I support comprehensive immigration reform that is both fair and realistic. We must stop dividing families by deporting the parents of children who were born in this country or who were brought here as young children.


Access to Healthcare

I believe that access to healthcare is a right. I fully endorse a single-payer system of healthcare.


Job Creation

My focus is in creating a local economy that works for everyone. Establish policies that foster independent initiatives of small businesses.


Neighborhood Schools

I believe all children should have access to an exemplary educational program that values and encourages critical thinking and creativity, not the “drill and kill” teach-to-the-test policy Republicans have forced on students and teachers


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